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The Association is based in Lakewood, California.  It is comprised of alumni living outside the Philippines mostly in the United States, Canada, and Europe. There are also alumni still living in the Philippines and listed here but with email addresses.

History of DWCUAA


October 10, 1998 marks the very first time that the Divine Word College of Urdaneta, Pangasinan alumni in the United States gathered together for a potluck with one purpose in mind. The purpose of which was to organize the first DWCU alumni reunion in the United States.

The potluck was held in Lakewood, California. Nancy Garcia, class 1973 and Lorenzo Suyat, Jr., 1972 coordinated the event. Alumni from California and out of town like Washington and Texas attended the event. It was well attended and was a tremendous success. It was a great experience when we were able to reminisce and rekindle old friendship with former high school classmates and schoolmates. It made you wish the day would not end.

During the potluck, it was decided that the First Alumni Reunion would be held on July 3, 1999 in Southern California most likely in the Los Angeles area. Coordinators were appointed to cover different regions of the United States where alumni might be living in. It was also decided that the name of the group should be Divine Word College of Urdaneta Alumni Association. An interim set of officers was appointed to get this project going. Segundo Manzano, class 1970 was appointed President. Jaime Rosales, 1970 and Lorenzo Suyat Jr. were appointed first and second Vice Presidents respectively. Nancy Garcia was  Secretary while Johnny Soriano was  Treasurer. Different committees were also formed to meet the challenges of organizing the reunion.

Johnny S. Soriano  is acknowledged as the prime mover of this project. He started the ball rolling. During his years in military service, he diligently compiled names of alumni living outside the Philippines. From a mere sheet of paper his list of alumni has grown so big that it continues to grow up to this day. It was always his wish to have a reunion in the United States. It was a huge task not knowing what aches and pains will come his way. He had spent so much time, effort and money to accomplish his goal. But with great support and encouragement from the different alumni, he went ahead and made sure that this potluck and the reunion will come into reality. The potluck was a great success. The reunion will no doubt become a huge success due to the huge support and encouragement of the alumni and their families.

Potluck photos


Nancy Garcia, Class 1973



Zenaida De Vera-Roque, 1973

Ed Garcia, 1976

Glenn Dela Cruz, 1983

Marlene Calimquim-Pearce, 1984

Vice Presidents


Marilou Aradanas-Castillian, 1973



Elizabeth Banaga-Ross, 1979

Gina Soliven-Rafanan, 1981

Assistant Secretary 


Lorna Sarmiento-Gemino, 1973



Edgar Del Castillo, 1975

Assistant Treasurer


Arsenio Consolacion, 1970



Nanita Consolacion-Ildefonso, 1973

Assistant Auditor


Panchito Manipon, 1972

Rhodetto Magat, 1974

Ronald Mones, 1977

Conrado Macaraeg, 1979



Conrado Del Castillo, former teacher

Segundo Manzano, 1970

Jaime Rosales, 1970

Lorenzo Suyat Jr., 1972

Johnny Soriano, 1972

Rufo G.F. Bruan III, 1972

Manolo Castro, 1975

Renato De Vera, 1977

Board of Advisers


Nancy Garcia, class 1973 is our President.

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