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Let Justice Prevail!  


The sad plight of the crime victim has piqued the interest of some of our fellow alumni. Some have decided to
help in one way or the other. The alumni named below are giving part of their time and resources to help the victim and her family.


1.  Eusebio Balliao
2.  Raffy Bruan
3.  Virgilio Manipon
4.  Shari Mamalio-Nerza
5.  Eva Manzano-Novak
6.  Aurora Figuracion-Pfau
7.  Jaime Rosales
8.  Lejocel Soliven
9.  Johnny Soriano
10. Epifania Rodriguez Urbiztondo

If you decide to help, please contact the following:

In the U.S.

Johnny S. Soriano
Home Phone No. (858) 391-1318
Cell Phone No. (619) 962-2787

and in the Philippines

Metro Manila residents

Shari Mamalio-Nerza

E-mail: shari_nerza@hotmail.com

Home Phone No. 632-913-5954 

Cell Phone No. +639154670575


Urdaneta City residents

Julie Angeles Cesista

Barangay Bayaoas

Cell Phone No. 011-0910-2117779

The victim needs all the help she can get. Please pray that she be given the strength and courage to pursue this matter to the fullest.