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Let Justice Prevail!


A DWCU Class 73 alumnus is appealing for help for his niece who was a victim of rape.  To preserve privacy, the names mentioned in the following have been changed.

This is about my niece, “Maria”, daughter of my first cousin, “Josefina dela Cruz” (Class ‘78).  Maria was raped when she was 19 years old by his own stepfather.  When this crime was reported to the police, the suspect went into hiding for over two years.  The couple (my cousin and her common-law-husband) has since separated and the victim was sheltered at DSWD Dagupan for about a year.  A few months ago, the suspect was captured and imprisoned without bail in Urdaneta.  The preliminary hearings are now being conducted.

Maria is now 21 years old and living with me and my family in Metro Manila where she is studying to finish high school.  I am trying to support her emotionally and financially but it seems that she needs more assistance.  Her family is very poor.  Her mother is earning a living selling merienda.  However, her income is not enough to support her and her other kids.  Because of the legal proceedings and all, my cousin has become nervous and that she is getting sick and weak.  She is losing faith and is thinking about giving up the case.  The suspect is doing every trick in the book like threats, bribes and stories that the act was consensual and seems to be gaining ground.  My niece could not get enough witnesses because they are either afraid or don't care.  She informed me that the suspect brags of having money and being coddled by politicians in Urdaneta.  Despite of all of these, Maria refuses to  give up and is determined to pursue the case until she gets justice for the heinous crime done to her.

I am writing to you, the officers and members of DWCUAA and all Urdanetanians around the world to help support this crime victim who in her modest ways and limited means is trying to fight back and get the justice that she deserves.  I think if we all bond together, we can have a better chance to let justice prevail in our own hometown.

Thank you very much and God bless.

If you are able to help, please contact Johnny S. Soriano, President, DWCUAA at home (858) 391-1318, cell (619) 962-2787, or e-mail “SorianoJS@miramar.usmc.mil”.  For donations coming from the Philippines, please send all communications, including monetary donations to Shari Mamalio-Nerza, home Phone No. 632-913-5954, cell Phone No. +639154670575, or e-mail: shari_nerza@hotmail.com.   Any financial or emotional support is greatly appreciated.