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 Nancy Garcia, Class 1973



OLLA Golden Jubilee and Grand Alumni Homecoming


19 June 2008

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Mabuhay!  Our beloved Alma Mater, the Our Lady of the Lilies Academy (OLLA), will be celebrating the Golden Anniversary of its foundation next year, 2009.  As you are probably aware by now, an integral part of the anniversary celebration will be a Grand Alumni Homecoming which will be held on February 6 - 8, 2009.  So please, make sure you mark your calendars accordingly and this early, do all the necessary arrangements and preparations for you to be present for this once-in-a-lifetime affair.

Before updating you on developments with regard to the Grand Alumni Homecoming, please allow me to share with you some thoughts.  I am sure most, if not all, of you will agree with me that our years of stay in our dear old OLLA were perhaps the best and most memorable years of our youth.  We were young and free then; free of the burdens and responsibilities that come with adulthood.  We were not only free; we were with childhood friends who were and continue to be dear to us and we started to dream together about what the future would and could bring.  We also started to look at girls/boys from a different light and even really be in love.  I am sure most of us cherish and treasure those years in our hearts.  And even until now, many years after we left our dear old OLLA in pursuit of our dreams, we still long for those wonderful and happy years.  Well, the sad fact of life is that those years will never come back, no matter how we cherish and yearn for them.  Time gone is gone forever.  BUT, REJOICE!  We can have the next best option.  We can go back to where those memorable and happy years happened, be again with dear friends and classmates who were with us when we lived those memorable and happy years, and perhaps, even just for a few days, “re-live” those memorable and happy days. Please tell me, isn’t that great?  The Grand Alumni Homecoming is still eight months away but even now, I can already feel the nostalgia and the excitement.  Don’t you?

Here are the updates on the affair:

1.       Two distinguished alumnae, Fe Gonzales-Sepulveda (Batch 63) and Fe Ramos (Batch 73) graciously accepted the responsibilities to be the chairpersons of the committees that will coordinate all preparations for the affair.  Madam Fe (Gonzales-Sepulveda) will be the Chairperson for the US-side of the preparations while Fe (Ramos) will be the Chairperson for the Philippine-side of the preparations.  “US-side”, for purposes of coordination, shall be construed to include all other countries except the Philippines .  Even as I write this, coordination between the two sides is already on-going and other key committees are in the process of being formed.  Of course, other committees will be formed as the need arises.  In this regard, we encourage everybody to volunteer their services for the various committees and/or to give suggestions.  Send your suggestions to Madam Fe, Fe or me.  The e-mail addresses and contact numbers are indicated below. 

2.       To facilitate communications, Fe (Ramos) and some alumni are in the process of establishing a website.  So please watch-out for this.  

3.       OLLA Alumni Association (OLLAAA) will be formally organized as a “non-stock, non-profit” corporation.  The appropriate articles of incorporation and by-laws of the association will be prepared and filed at the SEC in due time.  Due coordination with the OLLA administration on this matter will of course be made.  OLLAAA is envisioned to be the corporate entity through which all the affairs of OLLA alumni will be undertaken.   Election of a new set of officers of OLLAAA will be planned to coincide with the Grand Alumni Homecoming to ensure participation of the many alumni who are expected to attend the grand affair.       

4.       We have a project to raise funds for our various activities/projects.  Some projections/targets have already been set.  Activities in pursuit of these targets are underway.  We of course want that the targeted funds are raised in time for the Grand Alumni Homecoming.  We will probably solicit some financial contributions from you.  But meeting those targets should not be a pre-condition for us and for you to come for the homecoming.  Your mere presence will be enough although financial contributions will be appreciated.  We will let you know more about this as we go along.

5.       A project involving search, selection, recognition and award of “Outstanding Alumni” is among those suggested to be undertaken in connection with the Grand Alumni Homecoming.  Rules and procedures that will govern the selection of the awardees/recipients are on the drawing boards.  The plan is, should the project push-through, to hold the awarding ceremonies during the Grand Alumni Homecoming.

These will be all for now.  Expect additional bulletins and updates in the days to come.  Meanwhile, please circularize this letter to as many of our fellow alumni as possible.

Thank you and best regards.



Batch 69, OLLAAA President (2007-2008)


Dear fellow LILIANS,

Please visit  www.lilians.org  the link dedicated to OLLA's Golden Jubilee and Grand Alumni Homecoming. We'll deal with what's outstanding as we go along missing batches, incomplete pages, restricted blog access and some cosmetic changes.

Please forward to all Lilians.

Thank you.

Fe M. Ramos
Class 73






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