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 Renato "Rey" de Vera, Class 1977




by Maureen Angela Tan, Class 2001



It is my first time to browse on the website of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta (DWCU) Alumni Association.  I am an alumna with the Class 2001.  To my surprise, I think I am the only one from my batch who knows that such a site exists!  Sadly, most of the active members are those that belong from the 1970’s to 1980’s batch.  I think that it would be more beneficial if both the young and old generations of DWCU alumni would also contribute to the association.  May be share their views and opinions and experiences as students of DWCU.

 I remember the time when I was in my Junior year.  I belonged to the Exodus class.  I never got the chance to be part of the “star section”.  I was never really that “studious”, but I received fair grades.  When I got bored, especially on our chemistry class, my mind would often wonder into space or I’d kill time by reading pocket books or novels.

My favorite adviser was Mrs. Marlyn Laroco, wo just recently took over Mrs. Aurora Manzano’s position.  (Mrs. Manzano retired a couple of months earlier.)  I love her to bits!  She was my adviser during my Senior Year belonging to St. Francis class.  Different “clique” separated the class but Mrs. Laroco had a way of helping us work out as a team.  She had a good sense of humor and sarcasm which we love about her especially when she was giving out sermons at the start of the class.  One memorable event was when some of my classmates came to class drunk and throwing up.  Hoy Abrenica, ngingisi-ngisi ka na naman diyan.  Baka nakakalimutan mo, isa ka sa mga tinik ng St. Francis! My best friend, Marilou Agustin, and I exploded in laughter! “Tinik!” Mariz exclaimed.  Then Mrs. Laroco again shouted, “Hoy, Tan, Agustin, magkatabi na naman kayong dalawa.  Halikayo rito at susukatin ko ang mga palda ninyo.

 I visited DWCU recently and had the chance to chat with Mrs. Laroco.  I asked how she was copping up with the new genre of students of the school.  Sadly, she said that the current students had turned for the worse.  I mean, let us not deny the fact that there are a lot of problems especially with teenagers like smoking, drinking and even drugs.  Teenagers are quite susceptible to rebellion.  I just hope that the current staff members of our Alma Mater are able to mold the students become better persons and model citizens.

 We all have a share of stories about our high school life.  This is just a piece of it.  I hope that the rest of the alumni, young or old, would also contribute pieces of their experiences.



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