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By Igoy Zaid

Since its establishment, the DWCUAA has once more proven it can bridge the lives of its many alumni. Stories of former best friends being reunited again either in person or by way of correspondence are as heartening to hear as those tales of former foes burying the hatchet and reconciling for good times sake. Equally inspiring are anecdotes about secret crushes being revealed after a quarter of a century of being on the wraps. Amazing may be the word to describe how one comes to the reality that after all we treasure the friendship - and the memory that goes with it - even more, the years of absence from one another, notwithstanding. That time played a major role in this added flavor to the mix. Why such friendship is valued even more now as before is in itself a challenge worthy of study for the social scientist.

From an unprofessional perspective, it could be easily gleaned that time had aged the relationship and nurtured it through its passing. The thought and realization of not being able to turn back the hands of time and experience puberty and adolescence all over again, perhaps, perks up the excitement to recapture the past and live it once more in the present. Is it the human being’s instinct to socially bond with his or her fellow human being or, is it the need to interact and feel secure in the company of tested friends and acquaintances that explains this social phenomenon? If we go by these amateurish views, it then comes as no surprise that many alumni reopened the corridors of their hearts toward friends and foes alike.

In stark contrast, a bewildering few had gone the opposite way defying the laws of behavioral relationship – if ever there is one. For how can one define the logic of these motley few in joining a social group, such as the DWCUAA, when they continue to betray the very foundation from which it was anchored upon? Stunning is the word that describes these individuals who remain adamant, cold and unreceptive to the many greetings and tidings of old acquaintances, obvious overtures from friends wanting to reclaim and recultivate a withered friendship.

Callous, insensitive, uncaring cold-hearted, hard, thick-skinned, and cruel; are just some of the adjectives we can ascribe to these alumni. So far, they have exhibited a complete reversal of the typical warm and welcoming alumni that pervade the association. Why they exhibit such attitude is again a good thesis for the budding social scientist.

Which now brings us to this point: that friendship must not be ascertained to be strong and unbreakable until it is tested. The passing of time, ultimately, will help serve as a good litmus test as to the genuineness and sincerity of a relationship. Like wine, it will unravel itself ready for the taking. Whether sweetened or soured, only time can tell. Look no further for proof of evidence. All we need to do is look and feel around us to know the answer. Friends! Anyone?"

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