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 Nancy Garcia, Class 1973



Fr. Augustine Herbers, SVD

Memorial Library





Fr. Augustine Herbers, SVD, was the founder of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta.  As a lasting show of gratitude for his dedication to the school, the alumni in the Philippines and overseas have discussed establishing a library that will carry his name in his honor.  The DWCUAA based in the Philippines under the leadership of Adelaida Serafica-Deogracias, Class 1970, have made plans in building a two-story structure which will incorporate a library that will occupy the upper floor.  They have started fundraising and so far they have collected over P15,000.00.

The DWCUAA is seeking for assistance in filling the Fr. Augustine Herbers Memorial Library with newer books and magazines.  With the association’s help, Mrs. Teofima Pangonilo, the school librarian, has expressed her desire to replace the old edition of books being used and have become obsolete, with new ones.  This must be accomplished in order to comply with the requirements of the Commission of Higher Education. 

She has indicated that the books that are needed should cover the following areas of concern:  Computer, Psychology, Environmental/Physical Sciences, Principles of Education, and Educational Management. 

The school offers the following courses:  English, History, Psychology, Computer Science, Secretarial, Accountancy, and Management and Marketing.  Textbooks are needed to cover the aforementioned subjects.  Mrs. Pangonilo has requested for the Alumni’s assistance in procuring the following books to fulfill the requirements of the Department of Education.




Delahunty, Gerald P. and James Garvey

Language, Grammar and Communication: A Course for Teachers of English

McGraw Hill

Kachru, Braj J

The Alchemy of English: The Spread, Functions and Models of Non-Native Englishes


Crystal, David

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

Cambridge University Press

Finegan, Edward

Language: Its Structure and Use. 

Forthworth Harcourt Brace College Pub.

Barnes, P

Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Children

Blackwell Publishers

Berk, L. E.

Child Development

Allyn & Bacon

Rice, F. P. 

The Adolescent: Development, Relationships and Culture

Allyn & Bacon

Aiken, L. R.

Personality, Theories and Applications

Prentice Hall

Ashcraft, M. H.

Human Memory and Cognition

Harper Collins

Domjan , MN

The Principles of Learning and Behavior


Donahoe, J. W. and Palmer, D. C.

Learning and Complex Behavior

Allyn & Bacon

Hergenhan, B. R. and Olson M. H.

An Introduction to Theories of Learning

Prentice Hall.

Mazur, J. E.

Learning and Behavior 

Prentice Hall


The following alumni have expressed their desire to support this endeavor and have already provided their financial support:


Eusebio Balliao, ’86

Melendre Queyquep-Middlebrooks, former registrar

Diosdado Bautista, ‘73

Moises Queyquep, ‘72

Miguelita  Hufana-Costes, former librarian

Brenda Ramirez, ’74 

Victor Costes, former faculty member

Jose Baltazar Sibal, ‘72

Evelyn Bascos-Gonzalez, ‘73

**Lejocel Soliven, ’73

Carlos Liberato III, ’73

Johnny Soriano, ‘72

Virgilio Manipon, ‘74

**Has not provided his financial support yet



Mrs. Miguelita Hufana-Costes and Diosdado Bautista have already sent shipments of books and paperbacks and the young readers at our Alma Mater are now enjoying the books.  Even the teachers and college students are taking advantage in using the library. 


If you are an alumni living in the Philippines , please contact John Michael Pablo who works in the Finance Office of the school at his e-mail address:  jmike_090474@yahoo.com.  If you’re living overseas, please e-mail Johnny Soriano at johnny0825sori@hotmail.com or Rey de Vera, President of DWCUAA at reybdv@yahoo.com.



Thank you for your support and cooperation.







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