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Class 1972


December 2007


December 9, 2006


The meeting was held 1 P.M. at the residence of Ms Gilda Doot-Nickel in Anonas.  The following were present.

Johnny S. Soriano

Gene Geronimo

Anselmo dela Cruz

Romeo Ortiz

Godofredo Damasco

Vicente Marquez

Berlin Ambrosio

Teresita Saguiped

Cecilia Villanueva

Cunicunda Cuison (married)

Nida Dacanay-Sison

Danilo Lauder

Bella Duyag (married)

Cesar dela Cruz

Rafael Viray

Petronila Etrata (married)

Lolita Ventinilla (married)

Severo Basa

Florida Quiming (married)

Jaime Tabelin

Ms Gilda Doot-Nickel

Mr. Ernesto Amolacion

Hermogenes Lanuza


The following items were "suggested" or "approved" unless there are counter suggestions....

 Reunion date - December 8 (Saturday) - 9 (Sunday), 2007

Venue - DWCU Gymnasium

Registration - 9 A.M., December 8, 2007, infront of the Registrar’s Office

Family Day – 10 A.M., December 9, 2007, at Goldland Resort in Bo. Cayambanan


Overseas Alumni - $150

Local Alumni - P1,500

However, I'm suggesting now that the "financially-abled ones" contribute more than the suggested amount to help defray the cost of the reunion.  Per discussion with Gene Geronimo, he said that the total fund of the last class reunion came “short” of P8,000 at the end so he had to shoulder the rest with his own personal money to cover the “last” expenses like the production of the CDs/VHS.  Like in any other similar endeavor where fund is a must, we’re better off coming out over than short at the end.  We can always use the extra fund for our future class reunion and other projects.


Donations and door prizes

 Godofredo Damasco – contribution plus 2 goats (Saturday dinner and/or Sunday lunch)

    Vicente Marquez – contribution plus a DVD player (door prize)

      Romeo Ortiz – contribution plus 2 cavans of rice (Saturday dinner and/or Sunday lunch)

      Teresita Saguiped – 1 pig (65 – 70 kilos) (Saturday dinner and/or Sunday lunch)

       Danilo Lauder – contribution plus lechon baboy (Saturday dinner and/or Sunday lunch)

 Johnny S. Soriano – perfume for men and women (door prizes)


    People from abroad, whether attending or not, are encouraged to give donations, in cash or in kind, so we can make our class reunion more meaningful and memorable for everyone especially for our less fortunate classmates.  Please inform me of your donations so I can relay them to my counterparts in the Philippines.


     In charge of Invitation

           Local – Anselmo dela Cruz and Romeo Ortiz

   Abroad – Johnny Soriano


  E-mail Point of Contacts

   Local – Danilo Lauder and Wilfredo Palad

Abroad – Johnny Soriano


Treasurer – Gene Geronimo


   The next meeting will be held on March 10, 2007 at 3 P.M..  The place will be decided.


      The pictures that were taken during this meeting were put on two CDs through the courtesy of Cesar dela Cruz and were forwarded to Rufo Bruan for posting on our website (www.dwcuaa.org).  You will be informed once they are posted.

            The meeting was adjourned 3:30 P.M.


 Johnny S. Soriano