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 Class of 1972






September 29, 2007


Urdaneta City, Pangasinan,






Gene Geronimo

 Anselmo dela Cruz

 Cesar dela Cruz

 Berlin Ambrosio

Lolita Ventinilla

Julieta Domantay

Bella Duyag

Emiliana Siquig

Godofredo Damasco

Anita Marquez




    Minutes of the Meeting    
  Committee on Invitation

Chairman:  Romeo Ortiz

Co-Chairman:  Wilfredo Palad  (will take care of the printing of the invitation materials)

Committee on Program Proper and Games (Saturday)

Chairman:  Gene Geronimo

Co-Chairman:  Johnny Soriano

Committee on Program Proper and Games (Sunday)

Chairman:  Lolita Ventinilla



Deadline - preferably at the end of October

Posting of  Streamers

Printing to be handled by Cesar dela Cruz

Distribution of Invitations: November


Songs from the '70s

In Charge of T-Shirts and Printing:  Berlin Ambrosio

In-Charge of Video Coverage and Distribution of CDs:  Cesar dela Cruz

In-Charge of Projector:  Ponchito Manipon

Surprise Number by the Urdaneta Girls:  Our classmates from Metro Manila plan to have their own presentation as well.


Godofredo Damasco - 2 goats

Danilo Lauder - 1 lechon

Romeo Ortiz - 2 cavans of rice for raffle

Vicente Marquez - DVD player

Johnny Soriano - perfume and cologne


Location where activities are to be held is still being worked out.  We are looking at various venues.