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September 15, 2006

Dear Friends,

As you probably know by now, our friend and former classmate Carmen Balcita-Castillo, of Class 1972 has suffered another tragedy in her life.  She just lost her youngest son to dengue - a tropical disease caused by a virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes and marked by high fever and severe muscle and joint pains.  Her oldest son is stricken by the same illness and is now in serious condition at the ICU at St. Luke's Hospital.

Carmen’s husband, Guilling, as you remember died from his injuries caused by a vehicular accident in December 2004.  No doubt this latest episode in her life has caused a lot of grief emotionally, physically and financially.

What we can do for now is pray for her and her departed son as well as her ailing son.  But we all know that it is not enough.  What can we do to help Carmen?  Somebody suggested we should fund raise.  But how do we do it?  One way is giving monetary donations to the bereaved family. 

If you are living in the following areas, please give your donations accordingly:

      United States – Johnny Soriano, 12643 Elisa Lane, #191, San Diego, CA 92128-5630, Home:  (858) 391-1318, Cell:  (619) 962-2787.

      Metro Manila – Willy Palad, Cell:  011-63917-846-9080

      Urdaneta City – Gene Geronimo, Cell:  011-63927-435-8209

These individuals will send the monies appropriately.  You may also contact Carmen directly at her home address:


Carmen Balcita-Castillo
Bo. Domampot

Asingan, Pangasinan



Home phone # 011-6375-563-4023 

Cell phone # 011-63927-602-6574

Thank you for your help in this project in spite of this short notice.



Johnny Soriano


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