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February 15, 2006

From:            President, Divine Word College of Urdaneta Alumni

                    Association (DWCUAA), www.dwcuaa.org

To:               All Alumni



A meeting was held at approximately 2:00 P.M. on January 28, 2006 in Chino Hills, California.  The following items were submitted for discussion and approved for dissemination:
1.  The organization’s existing total fund which is $357.30 dollars will not be used for the reunion but for the maintenance of the website.
2.  Due to the “closeness” of the scheduled 3rd DWCUAA Grand Reunion which would have been in July this year, and a lot of work still 
     need to be done, Class 74, the organizing class, has requested that the reunion be push back to July next year.  The new date of the 
     reunion is July 7, 2007 (Saturday).
3.  The venue has been changed from Anaheim or City of Industry, Chino Hills to San Jose, California.
4.  The attire will still be Hawaiian.

5.  Everyone is reminded about their annual membership fee of $10 dollars or you can now pay a “life-time membership fee” of $100 dollars.  Membership fees will help finance the initial stage (organization, invitation printing and mailing for alumni without access to our website, and etc.) of the reunion.  Please make your check payable and mail it to Johnny S. Soriano, 12643 Elisa Lane, #191, San Diego, California  92128-5630.

6.  A picnic will follow a day after the reunion.  The venue will be discussed on the next meetings

7.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled on May 27, 2006 at Chino Hills or Temecula, California.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.


The following items are posted again from the previous minutes for information purposes only:

1.  “Deadline” for submission of reservations will be announced soon.  Payment of reservations on the night of the reunion will not be accepted.

2.  Volunteer performers like the known “Gandia siblings/ cousins singing group”, dancers, singers, guitarists and stand-up comedians are needed to add color and enhance the program.


We would appreciate if you can put the word out to the other alumni so they will be informed and can plan ahead of time.






Johnny S. Soriano

Class 1972