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The following is what transpired during the planning committee's meeting held in Antipolo, Rizal on April 2, 2002.


The meeting was held at Leonardo's By Cloud 9 overlooking the beautiful view of Antipolo.  The following attended the meeting:

1.  Cita Mae Cavero-Rodil               

2.  Shari Mamalio

3.  Liza Estantino

4.  Ronald Rupisan

5.  Jose de Guzman


Alma Monte and Lorenza Serafica were notified but unable to attend.


The group addressed with an overview of the proposed and detailed objectives such as;

(1)    Medical Mission

(2)    Survey of the target date (July or December)

(3)    Reminder of the donations both P.I. and abroad

(4)    Lastly, it was suggested to have an Interim voting through internet just to have a set of officers and will formalize the  actual voting during the reunion.


The officers and Committees are needed to utilize on the letterhead for the invitations specially especially the souvenir program and advertisement.



Note from Cita Mae:  I truly believe that each of you are anxious as I am. Why not launch a workgroup for the upcoming special event?  Let's start pulling together as a team to reconnect all our colleagues of Circa '73!  Please Come as You Are... Remember no matter what, there's always the beauty of love, the wonderful images, and the special camaraderie that lies behind every special years that were gone.  It's a cause to celebrate and reflect our 30th Blissful years of friendship. MARK YOUR CALENDARS !!!  MY REGARDS TO ALL AND YOUR LOVED ONES!  GOD BLESS US ALL


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