Class 1973 Reunion in 2003



by Elpidio Angeles, Jr.


Greetings to all of you my dear classmates:

We are requesting you to answer this simple survey on what date you prefer for our 30 years anniversary reunion. There are only 2 options being considered:

Option 1. December (after Xmas before New Year) 2003

Option 2. July to August (3rd week of July up to mid August) 2003

You may send your replies up to April 7, 2002 to Elpidio Angeles, Jr. at

We will have a meeting at 3 pm on April 14, 2002 (Sunday) at Valle Verde Country Club Pasig City,  to finalize the plans and committee members.

We have contacted/located the following PI based/OCW classmates so far:

1. Shari Mamalio
2. Lorenza Serafica
3. Liza Estantino
4. Alma Monte
5. Ofelia Sanchez
6. Jose de Guzman
7. Charles Barroga
8. Ronald Rupisan
9. Lino Revilla
10. Cel Soliven
11. Ruben Balbastro
12. Loreto Manzano
13. Pedro Estrada
14. Richie Ridao
15. Jose Divina

We have collected a substantial amount and collection is still ongoing. We have decided on a voluntary donation of P 500.00 per month until the reunion date.  For US and Canada based classmates, we are recommending a $ 20 per month donation or whatever you can give. (You can start on any month month you wish and you may or may not donate on the months you missed.)  Please understand that we are planning to hold a medical mission and donate something valuable/memorable to our alma mater.  Please note also that your donation is purely voluntary.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.  I'm sure everybody will have fun!  So I hope to see you all next year!!!

Regards to you and your family!


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