From time to time, alumni from the Philippines and around the world excluding the USA, come and visit us in the United States.  Being of Filipino origin, we have shown the traditional Filipino hospitality towards these alumni.  Here are some of the alumni who have come and visited.


In the picture are from left to right:  Renato Bello, class 1972, Johnny Soriano, 1972, Renato de Vera, 1977, Gigi de Vera, Renato's wife, Yolanda Sipin-Suyat, 1974.  Not in the picture is Lorenzo Suyat, Jr., 1972 who took the picture.  Renato Bello is now a successful lawyer with a much respected law firm in the Philippines.  He came and visited our fellow alumni in California earlier this year, 2001.


In the picture are from left to right:  Lorenzo Suyat, Jr., 1972, Renato Bello, 1972, Johnny Soriano, 1972.  Renato Bello was visiting from the Philippines and was shown the usual Filipino style hospitality as well as the American way.  He had a great time!

A small welcome party for Elpidio Angeles (73) and his family (his beautiful wife and three children (1 girl and 2 boys)) was held on March 31, 2002 at Gina Rafanan-Soliven's (81) house in Escondido, California.  He is here on a business as well as on a pleasure trip.  The rest of his former classmates are planning to give him a going away party this coming Friday in Anaheim or Long Beach. The picture from left to right, Johnny Soriano (72), Elpidio Angeles, Jr., Gina Soliven-Rafanan, Ramon Revilla (70), Marilou Aradanas- Castilian (73), and Julieta Aradanas (77).

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