Chino Hills, California




 Renato "Rey" de Vera, Class 1977



Fourth Multi-School Reunion


Urdaneta National High School

Our Lady of the Lilies Academy

Divine Word College of Urdaneta


Hello, Urdanetanians!  I hope you and your families are all fine and enjoying the rest of spring.
Anyway, active volunteers are needed to represent their class (Class ‘63 to ‘75 of the three Urdaneta high schools) in the upcoming 4th Multi-High School Reunion which will be held in 2009 (date and venue to be determined).  As a reminder, in order for your class to join the reunion, you must have a representative.  Without one, your class will not be allowed to join.  The class representative will be the "bridge" between the class and the organizing or core committee.  Every class will only have to deal with their own representative (with regards to dinner reservations, payment and etc.) and vice versa, simplifying the line of communication and making the planning and organization of the reunion smooth and easier for everybody. 

I initiated this based on the frequently asked question during parties...."when is the next multi-high school reunion going to be?".  So here it is.  We have at least a year or more to coordinate and organize the event.  However, I want to make it clear that I'm not the "organizer" of this event but just the representative of Class 72, Divine Word College.  There is no "ONE ORGANIZER".  The core committee will be made up of the volunteer class representatives from the various year groups of the 3 high schools and will be led by the "senior class".  If you've been to the last three reunions (L.A., San Diego (twice)) then you should know how this is going to turn out....reminiscing times, friends and classmates of the good old high school days.  Isn't that fun?  Of course, we’ll have a good time!  So let's have the support and cooperation we need to make this happen.  Let me have the names of class representatives so we can assemble the 1st meeting.  So far, there are already two of us....Noli Martinez of Class 71, Mother High, and myself.  So what are you waiting for?  Give me your name and get your class involved and be counted.  Let's go Urdanetanians!!!

Johnny S. Soriano
E-mail:  "johnny0825sori@yahoo.com"
Home phone:  (858) 391-1318





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