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 Renato "Rey" de Vera, Class 1977



Class 1970 to Class 1975



Slated to be held in

late 2009 or early 2010

in the Philippines



MINUTES OF CLASS 1970 – 1975



February 14, 2009


1.  A second meeting by the organizing committee composed of alumni from Class 1970 to 1974 was held on January 25, 2009, at 6:00 PM at Dr. Mauro Mondala’s residence.  Dr. Mondala made a recap of the previous meeting to remind and inform the body of the plans.

2.  The following alumni were present and represented their class in the discussion:

     Anita Braulio 1970

     Nieves Murillo-de Guzman 1971, CP# 09175086026, E-mail nievesmdeguzman@yahoo.com.ph

     Norlita Divina-Orpilla 1971, CP# 09175082355, E-mail norlieorpilla@yahoo.com

     Anselmo dela Cruz 1972, CP# 09052601764, E-mail anselcruz2277@yahoo.com.ph

      Lolita Ventinilla 1972, CP# 09212060531

      Marilyn Sarga-Mararac 1973, CP# 09272355789, E-mail Mararac51357@yahoo.com

      Cirila Gozon-Celeste 1974, CP# 09163134139, E-mail lolayceleste@yahoo.com

       Felipe Villanueva 1974, CP# 09175035719

       Dr. Mauro Mondala, Jr. 1974, CP# 09172400411, E-mail marmondala@yahoo.comOVERALL CHAIRMAN

       Epifania Rodriguez-Urbiztondo 1974, #06472866433, E-mail epifaniaurbiztondo@yahoo.com

       Gilda Doot-Nickel, former teacher

 3.  The following items were discussed and/or approved by the alumni present: 

a.  Nieves Murillo-de Guzman brought up the issue of the dates of the reunion.  Feedbacks from members abroad that December is a “peak season” and fare is expensive were taken into consideration.  However, Madame Gilda Doot-Nickel and the others said that December is the only month where the mood is festive.  After thorough deliberation on the suggested dates, December 26 - 27, 2009, was unanimously approved as the dates for the Mini-High School Reunion.  Johnny Soriano’s recommendation:  After finding out the “approved dates” of December 26 – 27, 2009, a “text message” was sent to the organizing committee to consider different dates (after the 1st week of January or February 2010) to give other alumni overseas a better chance to purchase cheaper fares making it possible for them to attend the reunion.


b.  An issue was raised about the process of gift giving to our less fortunate classmates of which Lolita Ventinilla suggested that during the registration, the tickets of our less fortunate classmates should have already been separated prior to the raffle drawing.  Everybody agreed.


c.  Aside from committees previously formed, additional working groups were formed to accommodate other organizing requirements.


1. Committee on program and invitation - Class 1973


2. Committee on raffle drawing - Class 1971


3. Committee on program printing - Class 1974


4. Committee on program dissemination - Class 1974


5. Committee on canvas venue for the 2nd day activity, Nieves Murillo-de Guzman and Cirila Gozon-Celeste


6. Committee on physical set up - Felipe Villanueva and Class 1974


7. Committee on ways and means, Mr. Anselmo dela Cruz and Class 1972


8. Committee on solicitation of prizes for the raffle

     Drawing - Class 1971 and all batches


4.  Nieves Murillo-de Guzman reported that she inquired at Patio Olympia (that’s for the second day).  The place could accommodate 500 attendees but the rent of the place depends on the foods to be catered.  She still has to inquire with Goldland Resort and Urdaneta Garden Resort to compare which is better and cheaper.


5.  The following are donations and/or pledges:


      a.  Class 1971 – drinks


      b.  Manolita Ganzagan-Viray 1971 - lechon


      c.  Class 1972 – the Class will discuss first


      d.  Class 1973 – fruits


      e.  Class 1974 - sea foods (care of Cirila Gozon-Celeste)


      f.  Dr. Mauro Mondala - lechon


      g.  Class 1970 – the Class will discuss first


6.  The body agreed that the dinner for the 1st day will be catered but with caution:  be on the watch for disappearing wines and foods.


7.  For the 2nd day, a suggestion was raised that each batch will bring foods but shall see to it that there is no duplication (as to the kind, consultation is necessary).  It shall be decided on next meeting.


8.  Program of activities for the 1st day.


      a.  Registration – 3:00 PM (representative from each batch in charge)


      b.  Thanksgiving mass - 4:00 to 5:00 PM


      c.  Dinner/fellowship (while having dinner a power point presentation to be prepared by Dr. Mondala shall be shown)


      d.  Program:


            1.  Prayer


            2.  Pambansang Awit – Yogi Diaz/Rodito Magat


            3.  Opening remarks – Dr. Mauro Mondala


            4.  Welcome address - Mrs. Marilyn Laroco


            5.  Presentation/batch -


            6.  Testimonial/batch - (in between numbers)


            7.  Inspirational message - Dr. Cesar Ubaldo 1970


            8.  Special message- Fr. Dominador Ramos


            9.  Special awards are to be given as suggested.


                        - Most attended group

                        - First to arrive         

                        - Last to leave


   10.  Major prizes for the raffle drawing shall be solicited from participating alumni.  However, raffle will be drawn as gift availability permits.


            11.  Attire is color coded.


                        - Class 1970 - red t-shirt

                        - Class 1971 - violet/purple t-shirt

                        - Class 1972 - white t-shirt

                        - Class 1973 - electric blue t-shirt

                        - Class 1974 - green t-shirt


9.  The next meeting is on March 1, 2009, at 4:00 PM

      at Dr. Mondala’s residence (the official headquarters for the core committee) with two birthday celebrants on February, Norlita Divine-Orpilla and Cirila Gozon-Celeste, to bring foods for the group.


10.  After a hearty meal, discussion, deliberation and reminiscing of high school days, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.




Minutes prepared by:




Marilyn Sarga-Mararac, 1973


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