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 Renato "Rey" de Vera, Class 1977



Class 1970 to Class 1975



Slated to be held in

late 2009 or early 2010

in the Philippines


                                                     January 4, 2009


1.  A meeting composed of Divine Word College of Urdaneta (DWCU) Alumni from Class 1971 - Class 1974 was held at 5 P.M. on December 13, 2008, at the residence of Mauro Mondala, Jr. in Barrio Paurido to discuss the organization of a “Mini-Grand Reunion” for Class 1970 - Class 1974.

2.  The following alumni were present and represented their respective class in the discussion:


    Nieves Murillo-de Guzman 1971    Marilyn Sarga-Mararac 1973
    Virginia Callanta 1971           Ofelia Sanchez 1973
    Leonora Bergado 1971             Pedro Estrada, Jr. 1973

    Norlita Divina 1971              Grace Geronimo 1974
    Johnny S. Soriano 1972           Cirila Gozon-Celeste 1974

    Elpidio Angeles 1973             Phillip Villanueva 1974

    Ernesto Malbog, Jr. 1973         Mauro Mondala, Jr. 1974
    Elino Revilla 1973               Antonio Ordonez 1974
    Isidro Garcia 1973

    Ely de Guzman (Guest/UCHS/UNHS 1971)

3.  The following items were discussed and/or approved by the alumni present:


    Event:  Class 1970 - 1974 Mini-Grand Reunion

    Date:  December 12 (Saturday) and 13 (Sunday), 2009.  The month of December was chosen because of its “festive” climate.  Additionally, the dates were chosen from two other weekend dates in December.  It is after the town fiesta and people who’re coming overseas with their family taking a month vacation could spend Christmas and New Year with their loved ones in the Philippines.  The dates are not final and suggestions are welcome unless the majority would rather keep the dates above.  Please submit your suggestions to johnny0825sori@yahoo.com, or nievesmdeguzman@yahoo.com.ph.  Any other dates received prior to January 24, 2009, the date of the next meeting, will be presented and discussed.  If no other dates are submitted, then December 12 and 13, 2009 will be the dates of the grand reunion.


        December 12 – the DWCU gymnasium unless it is not spacious enough to accommodate all attending alumni of Class 1970 – 1974 and invited guests.  The Balikbayan Hall in the town proper will be the alternate venue.  This needs research.

        December 13 – it will either be at Urdaneta Garden Resort (located in Barrio Bayaoas or somewhere toward Asingan) or Goldland Resort (located in Barrio Cayambanan) depending on the availability of the resort and also our budget.  This needs research.

    Attire:  Casual.  For those class involved in the program, “retro attire” is allowed just to add color or artistic impression to the “dramatization” of their high school days.

    Designated Batch Coordinators:

        1970 - Adelaida Serefica Deogracias

        1971 - Nieves Murillo-de Guzman

        1972 - Anselmo dela Cruz

        1973 - Marilyn Sarga-Mararac

        1974 - Cirila Guzon-Celeste

    Designated Secretary:  Marilyn Sarga-Mararac

    Designated Treasurer:  Anselmo dela Cruz

    Overall Chairman:  Mauro Mondala, Jr.

    Activities for the Mini-Grand Reunion:

        December 12, Morning

            - Thanksgiving Mass

            - Medical Mission (depending on the availability of alumni doctors, nurses and others in the medical field profession from batches involved in the grand reunion and funds for medicine) or Pamaskong Handog.

        December 12, Afternoon/Evening

            - Dinner Dance and Raffle Drawings

        December 13 (Whole Day)

            - Family Day


        Program, Invitation and Ads - Marilyn Sarga-Mararac and Class 1973

        Raffle Tickets and Sales - Nieves Murillo-de Guzman and Class 1971
        Streamers, Venue, Physical Arrangement - Phillip Villanueva and Class 1974

    Donation and Pledges:

        Lechon - Mauro Mondala, Jr.

        Seafoods - Cirila Guzon-Celeste

        Fruits and Drinks - Elpidio Angeles and Class 1973

        Donations and pledges in the form of pig, goat, chicken, vegetables and cavans of rice are still needed to sustain the two day affair.  Except for the pig, goat, chicken, vegetables and some of the donated cavans of rice which will be used for our consumption, the rest of the donated rice will be raffled off to our less fortunate classmates.

    Per approximation, each class (local) will have to produce a minimum of P20,000.00 and “may be more” depending upon the number of attending local alumni to finance the event.  U.S.-based alumni will contribute $100.00 each (Make your check payable to Johnny S. Soriano and mail to P. O. Box 501961, San Diego, CA  92150-1961).  Deadline for submission of donations will be announced on the next letter.  Any unspent amount after the event will be used to subsidize the construction of the Fr. Herbers Memorial Library unless other “more attainable projects” come into mind.

    Each class is requested to write an article about their high school days to be included on the souvenir program.

    Each class shall work for the solicitation of advertisement to generate more funds for the event.

    Streamers to herald the forthcoming event will be hung in strategic places of Urdaneta and nearby towns like Asingan, Villasis, Binalonan and Rosales.

    Each class will provide at least four gifts to the committee-in-charge to be raffled off to our less fortunate classmates.

    During the registration, an adhesive identification will be pressed on each alumnus’s shirt or alumna’s dress which will include the first name, maiden name (for females who are married), and last or married name.

    A simple program will be prepared for the occasion.

        Prayer...Current DWCU President or any former seminarian

        National Anthem...Yogi Diaz 1974/Rhodetto Magat 1974

        Raffle Drawings (2)

        Welcome Address...Mrs. Marilyn Laroco (Principal)

        Raffle Drawings (2)

        Introduction of participants...

        Raffle Drawings (2)

        Presentation by batch...

        Raffle Drawings (2)

        Dance, Dance, Dance

        Raffle Drawings (2)

        Inspirational Talk....Cesar Ubaldo 1970

        Raffle Drawings (2)

        Song...Auld Lang Syne
        Raffle Draws (2)

        EMCEEs:  Elpidio Angeles 1973 and Marilyn Sarga-Mararac 1973

4.  The next meeting will be held at 5 P.M. on January 24, 2009, at Mauro Mondala, Jr.'s residence.



Johnny S. Soriano 1972


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